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No Android Market or Google play in my Smasung Galaxy S II


Aug 20, 2012
Hello All;
I bought a new Samsung Galaxy S II phone in China, and It doesn't have any android market or Google play" to download applications (Like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, YouTube etc..) and install in my phone. And also I can see many Chinese applications that only works in China but doesn't work in my country. What do you think is the reason that android market/Google play doesn't exist in my phone (how can i get it in my phone)? And what should I do with my phone to see it working properly like the original Samsung phones from USA?

Kind regards;
Thank you for your help;
Well, since you bought it in china, it could very well be fake. Seen a lot of those, Galaxy SII fakes. Looks like an SII, even says Samsung in a similar but slightly different font, but inside its different.

If its a legit Samsung SII, well, China does block the Google Market in their country. You have to manually install the apk for the market.
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First of all thank you very much for your suggestion;
And I want to know (the full steps), how i can manually install the apk for android market/ Google play?

Do you think there is a means to install and totally change the operating system currently exist in my phone (i.e. the OS installed from the seller in China) in to US version?

Thank you;
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