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Source For Unlocked Refurbished Android Phones?


Apr 26, 2020
Hello Folks:

TL;DR Is there a site, or other service, that can tell me if a phone is locked if I provide the phone's IMEI?


I'm done paying AT&T $90.00 a month for two phones, no network and no unlimited talk.

I purchased two unlocked Galaxy A14 5G phones from Back Market for $111.00 and 112.00.

When FedEx delivered the phones I ordered two $15.00 per month unlimited introduction plans from Mint. Mint SIMs were shipped.

I backed up my two $62.00 Galaxy J2 Dash phones to my computer and moved the SIM and SD cards to the two A14 phones.

Both phones worked with my current AT&T service. I was going to switch to Mint after the SIMs arrived.

I love these Galaxy A14 phones. I'm learning to appreciate why people might want to spend more than $62.00 for a phone.

First phone, reported lost or stolen and locked

After several hours one of the phones stopped working. The message I received suggested that phone was no longer connected to a valid AT&T account.

When I chatted with AT&T support I learned that one of the phones I just purchased was tagged as lost or stolen. When I mentioned that I was leaving AT&T I was also informed that the phone was locked.

The phone has been returned and Back Market emailed me that a refund is on the way.

Second phone, locked

The SIMS arrived so I attempted to activate the Mint sim in the remaining A14.

After I gave the Mint support person the phone's IMEI number he chatted back:

Thanks for patiently waiting. I already double check your device
here in my system and here's the system shows :

DEVICE NAME : Galaxy A14 5G
Phone Status : LOCKED

Back Market support asked for a screenshot of the error message. They also told me that they checked, and the phone is on, which it is, I'm using it with my AT&T account. I really like this phone.

I don't have a screenshot of the message, but pasted Mint support's comment into the chat.

Back Market wants a screenshot, but has expressed a willingness to refund my money.


I'm relying on AT&T and Mint support to tell me my phone's status.

Is there a site where I can enter the IMEI number and see for myself if a particular phone is locked? If this happens again I'd rather understand the situation immediately instead of relying on support. This would also give me the ability of taking a screen shot of the phone's status for Back Market support.

What are other people's experience when dealing with Back Market?

Two out of two locked phones sold as unlocked doesn't sound good.

The truth is that this is a small sample size. Am I just unlucky?

Bucks are tight right now. I really need phones that are in the $100.00 to $150.00 range. After the Galaxy J2 Dash I'm spoiled for the Galaxy A14 experience. I've looked at reviews and I don't think I'll find a satisfactory new phones in that price range.

Is there another market for refurbished cell phones? Do any of you have something nice gathering dust in a box you'd like to part with for a good price? I'm looking for an unlocked phone with a headphone jack, a battery that a technician can replace and a nice camera. 5G is not a requirement.

The good news is that Mint gives me three months to activate the SIMs and Back Market seems willing to refund my money. I'd just like to cut ties to AT&T before the billing cycle starts again in two weeks.

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