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Help no app notifications

I don't get any app notifications on my one X does anyone know why?:( :eek:

What kinds of apps, and what kinds of notifications?

Is it stock apps like Messaging or Gmail, or Third party apps (such as the Phandroid app not notifying of PMs, etc.)?

If Third-party apps, not all of them have the code written in to start a service and check for updates automatically, you have to have initiated the app and have it in memory to poll for updates and so notify you...

If stock apps check under Settings -> Accounts & Sync to see if there are any errors reported for syncing...
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Yeah its 3rd party apps dude. Things like draw something. Will check all other accounts. Cheers.

Yeah I ran into that, I have to have Draw something in memory (viewable in the task manager tray) to get notifications for it...

Which is annoying, but if it wasn't that way it would be continuously polling when I didn't need it to, and thereby cutting into my battery life ;)
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