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No application found to open the selected file


May 20, 2017
Hello, I've been having problems using torrent files lately, even though I have utorrent pro on my phone it still says 'no application found to open the selected file' and utorrent unfortunately doesn't have any option to select a certain torrent file to download. I fixed this problem quite well with the 'better open with' app by selecting utorrent as the preferred application to deal with torrent files, but after a while the problem just came back. This is brutally annoying. does anyone else experienced this with maybe any other type of file? Why doesn't better open with work?

Update: magnet links work but downloaded torrent won't. Still I would like to use .tor files.

Solved: reinstalled the app, works with grace. Thanks for the responds!
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When using a browser to find your file, are you selecting the little red magnet? That should automatically open uTorrent and start the download. If not I'm thinking your uTorrent app is corrupt. Personally I never use the uTorrent app to search with, always a browser
I mostly use yify browser apps otherwise browser to download torrent files. But I really haven't used magnet links recently, so I can't really tell if those do work. Thank you for your reply but that's really not the issue. The problem is that my Xperia z5 premium android 7.0 for some reason doesn't link between torrent files and the app that deals with those certain files, even when directly selected with 'better open with' app. What can possibly cause this? 😵 The fact that it used to work both with and without better open with and then just stopped working twice baffles me. I'm gonna try a magnet link now...it might 'remind' the phone of utorrents existence 🤔
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I'm thinking it has to do with the yify app itself... maybe an update which killed it
the yify browser is only a mere pipeline between you and the original yify website...so no, the actual file I get is the same as you would get with or without a magnet link. But somehow magnet links do work, and regular files still do not. I'm not really sure what to do anymore. since scrolling through tpb searching for a decently seeded download and good quality file sound absolutely horrible, and I refuse to settle for it when you can get it done so easily through yify, I must find a solution to this. The yify mobile site doesn't really have any magnet links anymore. They do offer a checkbox to make all regular downloads become magnet links, but of course it fails to work. 💀 what now I ask? 😑
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Get a bittorent or a utorrent. There are online versions as well. I you have a not so secure connection and the speed of your downloads is not that high I would also suggest you get yourself something in he lines of a seedbox. I know that it sounds weird but you can actually have a very beneficial effect for you expecially if you want to make sure that the speed of the downloads is high enough or if you want to share a certain set of files to different PCs. I started using them not that long ago myself but I have been very pleased with it. It took me awhile actually to pick one of them out since there are so many different ones on the market. I actually used of different articles that kind of had seedbox comparisons as their man theme. There are a lot of things ti keep in mind when you are picking one so these reviews are useful. I think you will like it. Good luck with picking the best one hehe
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