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No Code Network Lock Samsung Galaxy A3 Core/A01


Mar 28, 2018
No code network lock....
So, I received a new phone from my brother cwhile I was in hospital when my old phone was destroyed in a car wreck which left me with 3 proplems.

1st is, I can have a SIM card from the network it's locked to and any other SIM card.

2nd problem is, I have to pay $28 USD to that network carrier. Thats approximately R300 ZAR, which I can't afford with medical bills.

3rd problem I have is, it's a NO CODE lock, which means any code generator I want to try, won't even be of use.

I absolutely hate the network it's locked to (MTN RSA), and that means that I can't have 2 of my preferred networks on the phone, and if I dare remove the MTN SIM card, it locks the phone completely, and tells me that the phone has been locked for reasons of safety, such as theft protection. Not even a factory reset works on this thing. Can anyone help me out, please?


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If your Samsung phone is unlocked then you will be able to switch network, and normally retain your current phone number
Honestly, I am not sure what you mean by "retain my current phone number", but what I do know is that, if I can unlock the phone, I won't have any pop-up broadcast from the carrier it's locked to, I won't have a issue with Network coverage in certain areas my company travel's for work, I won't have the occasional "Your device has been locked for purposes of Anti-theft protection" when it fails to read the SIM card from the locked carrier.

I mean this is a pretty durable phone and I kinda like it, it also has nice graphics and a ultra wide screen when watching and streaming content. It's speaker is loud enough for me. The RAM it a bit of a let down, yeah, but hey, it does it's job rather well.
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