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No security patch updates

If your S5 has network (carrier) branded firmware (a '3' splash screen on boot up, 3 apps preinstalled, maybe some things disabled like Wi-fi calling) then it's 3's responsibility to release it's branded firmware into the cloud for your phone to latch onto and get an update (all Samsung servers, but 3 have to 'tinker' with the unbranded one and hand it back to samsung). If it is "unbranded" with no network apps etc. (To find out for sure you need your CSC code dial *#1234# into the dialler and Google the CSC code, any of the top five Google results will tell you) it is Samsungs.

My guess is that the S5 is no longer supported by either 3 or Samsung, and possibly both.
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I don't have branded firmware.
When I used #1234# I got the message 'Connection problem or invalid MMI code'' although there was no connection problem. The Samsung Phone Info app tells me I have the latest firmware and the CSC is BTU which is UK/Ireland - I am in UK.SO two questions:

1. Where do the OTA updates come from if both 3 and Samsung say it's not their responsibility?
2. I hear that I won't get Android updated for the S5. But given what I 've told you do think I'm now stuck with no future security patches?
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