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no sd, no sim,, no workie,, I understand the phone wouldnt work,, but i atleast the media player and other stuff would work,, but not with SE,,

Highly doubtful with most as media is usually stored on the SD card

Kinda like asking a PC to work with no hard-drive

what i call in the industry as a NO-BRAINER

(though web browsing through WiFi does work - which means browser, tweetcaster etc that works through data only)
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well of course its a no brainer - the MEDIA for the MEDIA PLAYER is stored on the SD CARD

jesus - you asked, i replied, so yes it is a no brainer - of course the phone will boot up, anything on the INTERNAL memory (ie all installed APK's) will function, as long as they don't require information from the SD card or Mobile Network

And i'm sorry, but i am web browsing right now with no sim card and no sd card
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Keep it clean guys. Merged the last post and first post to make the thread more clear (also OP it might be helpful to state your carrier).

I am keeping it clean

Android phones are designed to run applications etc without the sim card in place - this is across ALL handsets as its a feature in the OS not in the handset ROM

The original poster is claiming that the SE X10 is incapable of this simply because its Sony - its well documented in the threads that the OP has a hate campaign against the X10 so i am just putting forward the truths of the handset
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as i ask this legititmate question this is what i get with no sim card and i can only move forward to emergency call dial screen,,,
input from decent people will be much appreciated
curious to see if this is possible to by pass,,,,


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