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No video players?

I would answer your question with a question... Why? Sure, it would be neat-o to show your buddies watching a video on your watch but nobody wants to actually watch videos on something this small. I'm sure that Samsung will have one for the Galaxy Gear lineup since they seem hell-bent on making all the whiz-bang features that nobody actually uses but seems to sell watches with clever marketing. I prefer my smartwatch to be dumb and do the basic functions of a smart watch but do them well. The more 'features' you add the more it slows things down, makes things less simplistic & costs battery life.
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I don't really care about size. I've watched videos on smaller before. If I can see the screen, that's good enough for me.

It seems you're alone in that thinking because it doesn't exist & don't see anyone talking about it anywhere either. I for one, having used just about every smartwatch on the market and current owner of five, am thankful that the Moto 360 is simple. I don't like all the whizz-bang features that kill your battery & overall performance that you show your friends and then never use again. I hope they keep this watch good at what a smartwatch should do and stay away from all the other BS that other lesser watches have fallen for.
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