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Noob needs advice

hi all
first off im very sorry if your all fed up of these posts but im struggling to find what im looking for in the thousands of threads on here, so please bare with me briefly!

right ive sent a htc desire off to have a new speaker fitted (full of dust (work in a quarry)) so should be back anytime soon and so i thought as its already been reset now is a good time to tinker!

what i want to know is:

what should i flash with to be an improvement on 2.2 (played with 2.3 an like!).
would 2.3 work on a original desire
do i need sense, if so which link do i go with.
can i download apps from market after all this flashing.

ive read as much as i can so understand the gains and risks associated with rooting etc and think ive plucked up the courage to do it!

if i do root it what detriment would it have on radio etc (that seems a scary area)

i also dont understand stupid little things like alarms, wallpapers, music, text messages, nobody mentions these so am i right in presuming these dont alter?

any help guys would be great, i see there are a lot of tutorials on here about how to do all these things its just a few of the terms/abbreviations used i struggle with so if any response has them could i ask that you just put a definition in there somewhere.

thanks already cos i know you lot will jump at the chance to show your intelligence ;)


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