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Help noob with two questions..


Aug 9, 2010
hi, i bought a x10 mini last week, and I have two questions that I can't solve by myself;
1st: I don't know If it's only in my mini that, when I take a picture without light (night for example), the flash lights before the foto(when autofocurs run), but no lights when I take the picture, and for that reason I can't take a picture at night or in the darkness.

2nd: do anyone knows how to uninstall or erase basic aplications who cames with the mini, like Edge, roadsync calendar, roadsync mail, barcode, I don't use this but, i can't uninstall it

sorry for my poor english. not english I'm from Spain
Sorry, don't know about the flash thing, tried to upgrade your phone? (read the manual for how to, it's easy but remember to backup contacts and so on).

Sure you can delete those apps, but it requires root :)

See this thread over at xda for root, please read and understand before you do anything. And don't forget to backup your contacts and messages (and other files).
Root for E10i - xda-developers

Also, se the same forum and this thread for a "safe list" of apps to remove and what they affect (warning, removing the wrong app may brick your phone!)
TuT| Removing Apps from X10Mini/Pro + 'Safe List' - xda-developers

Also, a good read is the rest of the threads at the xda sub-forum found here:
XPERIA X10 Mini Android Development - xda-developers
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