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Note 4 exchange email?


Mar 15, 2010
I am having issues with Microsoft Exchange and my work email not showing my whole inbox. It will only show my 6 most recent emails. Every time I get a new one the last one disappears. When I try to refresh my emails it says it's loading emails but never does. I travel for work and am at a different location daily. We don't have a regular schedule that I can just look to see where I'm supposed to be that day and I don't have daily access to my laptop so I have to be able to view older emails. On my s4 it would show the whole inbox and not just my 6 most recent so I assume it has to be a setting I'm missing. Any ideas?
Are you using the stock email app? I just looked through the settings on my Note and didn't see anywhere you could limit the number of messages displayed. And, I can see all past emails and folders.

I would try removing the account and setting it up again. Or try a different email client. I am in the process of switching all my imap accounts (three of them) over to the updated gmail app. You can now add external accounts and I like having all my mail in one place.
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