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I ordered it on launch weekend and it's supposed to be coming today. The FedEx screen says it's out for delivery but I seem to always be the last on the FedEx guy's route! So, I have a case, but no phone... yet.. LOL!

Funny it would tell you backordered - when you go to their site, doesn't it say ships by 10/14 or something like that? I guess the demand was high?

Edit: Not launch weekend - I meant the weekend pre-orders started. Ooops!
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If I log into My AT&T and check order status it says preparing to ship with dates on or between 10/14 to 10/16. Calling to check tells me it's back ordered. CC hasn't been hit. I got this email last Sunday:

Due to the high demand, your device/accessory is not yet available for shipment.

To check the progress of your order, utilizing the order number above, please visit us at att.com/wirelessorderstatus or call us anytime at 877.782.8870 and enter ######## or the Wireless Number and Shipping Zip Code.

As soon as your order is ready you will receive an e-mail with your shipping and tracking information.

We appreciate your patience.


Patience. Patience? I ain't got no stinkin' patience.
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SilverDollarAl, I feel your pain! So damn frustrating...what is the point of pre-ordering when you can't get it on day one?

On AT&T website,
Last night on 10/16:
*check my order status it says preparing to ship with dates on or between 10/14 to 10/16*

Today checking my order status on 10/17:
*it says back-ordered and pending shipment with unknown date.*

Whatdafudge!?!?!? Biatch, give me my muthaphucking-pimp-toy!
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