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Feb 23, 2014
I hardly touch my 7+, and the Note FE been looking sexy lately... Not into the S8/+ because of the whole video aspect ratio thing.. Always had a note since Note 2... Even though I might get a Note 8..... The Note 4 maxed out (NOT ROOTED.... YET MAYBE) Im saying disable wht you DNT need, with a 128GB sd card, latest update with the legendary ZEROLEMON battery.... You can't lose with this phone... Mine is T-MOBILE. Bought during the 1st week of display...No lag or sluggish ness..... If anyone says this phone is slow needs to be on a speedier wifi signal, because this 2.7ghz is still good............. ONLY problem I have is the sd card transfer speeds... Took me 5 mins to transfer 8 YouTube videos tht was 4GB over............ Other than that I'm keeping it... It's still great!!!!!

(Oh yeah, I Never had a case on this phone... Dropped it at a high distance ABT 27 times..... No cracks or anything.. never had to turn it in or anything...Just replaced a battery once)........ NOTE 4 IS STILL KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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