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Notepad App Suggestion?

Why don't you just use Springpad? I don't believe it integrates with Google Docs but it can be accessed from your phone or from any browser (PC) and they have very good extensions on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. I use it to implement GTD methodology for my personal life. There are so many things you can do with it and they've been constantly updating end enhancing it's feature set and user interaction functionality and I've been recommending it to everyone I know as a very useful if not essential Android app. You can use your google account as your user account, just click on the Google icon on the line that says: "Already have an account on these services? Sign in with:" below the create account dialog box. Also, Springpad events can be synced with your Google calendar.
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No, I'm not a DropBox user and won't ever be especially after their recent TOS changes.

I wouldn't worry about the DropBox TOS. They weren't trying to take control of your stuff, all they wanted was to be able to run their services. As explained on July 6th:

from Lifehacker

Should I Be Worried About Dropbox
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