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Notes: Secured and not


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Jun 3, 2011
Hope this is the proper place for this question. I suspect the app(s) I need exist(s), but I can't find it.
I want an app that allows me to take notes and share them with friends/associates. For this app, I use Evernote and it works well.
I also want an app that allows me to password-protect notes. For this, I use Pocket and it works well.
I would much prefer having one app to do both - let me store some notes with no password and some with a password. Best I can tell, Evernote forces me to protect all or none. Secondly, I want the app to protect pictures (e.g., health insurance card).
This seems to me to be a need common to nearly all people. Protect select files and protect pictures. If I need to have one app for protected stuff and one app for unprotected, so be it, but I want picture protection as well. Anyone have any guidance?


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