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Help Noticeable battery drainage


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Apr 24, 2010
I've been noticing my phone battery having big drains for no reason at times. I'm using the Seidio 1750 mah battery. I've had great performance with Seidio on my HTC so I'm wondering if there is something wrong with the phone itself or some type of settings or updates I need to make?

Looking at my battery graph its a steady slope downwards, at times it smooths out and then a big drop.

Any ideas what is wrong?

Btw, I am using Juice Defender and have all the obvious things OFF such as GPS. Screen brightness is at <15%.

This battery used to go for 2 or more days.

btw, i dont use this phone much at all

im going to turn off WiFi and see what happens. I was thinking WiFi would have saved battery instead of using.

are there any updates/downloads I can do that would fix this battery drain?
it sounds like you have the 2.3.6 AOS bug, which is described in great detail here:
[REF] Known identified battery drainers - xda-developers

my suggestion - flash a new ROM that is not 2.3.6
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Thanks, are there any ROMS you can suggest?

For the i777 (AT&T SGS2) I'd say ShoStock2 and AOKP ICS are both pretty good. I'm currently using ShoStock as my daily and it's been incredibly stable and excellent on battery.

You can get the rom's here: AT&T Galaxy S2 ROMs | Galaxy S2 Root
Sorry, you mentioned HTC in your first post so I assumed thats the phone you have.

If you have the i777, I'm running SHOstock and its really smooth with great battery life.
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