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Nougat update issues


May 18, 2017
I set my phone to update overnight and have found multiple issues...

1. Google Play has gone and I am unable to open/install/reinstall - message is that it is not compatible with my device (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge)
2. It's almost like it has been reset, but not quite. Notifications are now on for everything, my lock screen/home screen wallpaper has reverted back to ones I had previously, my apps and and setup is not how I had it, some apps are missing, most I can't open, they keep crashing, I can uninstall them but can't reinstall (see 1st issue)
3. It appears that most of my data is there, but what is missing is all of my memos (which I REALLY need back)
There could be more, but these are the main ones so far (I'm in Australia btw) If anyone has ANY advice, help I would really appreciate it.


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