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Now, who wants a metal phone?

I have an S5 as do a dew of my employees. 1 of them kept it in her pocket, and when the article came out the other day about the iPhone 6's bending we all checked our phones. Hers WAS bent, granted, it was just a little, but by putting it face down on a table next to ours, sure enough there was a slight bend in it.
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Love metal phones, HTC One S, HTC One M7. Never had a Gumby problem and sat on both multiple times in pants pocket forgetting about it and no bends.

That's because the HTC Mx phones use metals that are thick enough so they can't bend, whereas the crapple 6 uses aluminuim which is too thin around the buttons and other areas and can be bent by hand!
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Metal phones are usually heavy (like the M8) and have a inaccessible battery. I think the whole metal plastic thing was a red herring used by the apple fanboys to attack samsung. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the samsung galaxy S4 and S5 my current phone. I sure hope the S6 next sprint does not have a sealed battery.
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