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NSF Shift question

Question is about that stupid NSF Shift game app that came on the phone from the factory. I allowed my five year old to hold my Droid yesterday in the car, and when I got it back, the screen said "Thanks for your purchase". Holy hell! What did she purchase, how much did it cost me and where did it charge it to? Is there any way I can get that off? We really won't EVER play that game, so it's worthless to me, but apparently I've already paid for it! LOL! Help?!? :)
Ouch. If you check out the android market there's plenty of games for toddlers that have ways to prevent them accidentally leaving the game, but as for your problem it really depends what he/she did. I'd go to the market and to the downloads section and check if theres anything marked "installed" or "purchased" that you didnt buy/install, you have 24hrs for a refund if it's from the market.
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