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Odd and Complicated Google Calendar and Exchange question...


Nov 26, 2009
So I have a small problem.

I use google calendar for my personal obligations, and use Webexone.com for my work calendar. The main reason I use Webexone for work is that they have a GREAT desktop app that you can install on your computer that has popup reminders that open when an event is coming up. Even when the page is closed!

I have yet to find anything like this with Google calendar. So I am trying to figure out a way to sync web ex w/outlook and then sync outlook with exchange. They have an app that syncs with Palm and Outlook....BUT

This is a problem for me because I stopped using Outlook several years ago and switched to a webbased email software that allows me to check my email from any computer at any time. And every time I turn on outlook it screws up my email so I am trying to avoid that.

Before I open up pandoras box by trying to use outlook and fastmail at the same time....Does anyone know of a pluggin or app that will sync with google calanders and show popup reminders on your desktop when an event is coming?

I appreciate the help.

Unfortunately, the goal is to keep all my gmail and google apps personal...and keep my business stuff seperate. If it is all mixed into one inbox...it will get very ugly and make finding the emails I want very diffiult since work and personal will all look alike.

Also, I tend to get very busy...and will zone into whatever I do. I can forget to look at my email for hours. The Webexone Desktop Assistant dings when it pops up, and gives me the option to open the event, snooze it for a period of time (from drop down list) or dismiss it out right.

This way there is little chance an event gets lost in the mix.

I guess I will have to figure out how to use outlook without it conflicting with fastmail. Then I can use the corprate exchange calander for work and the googla calander for personal.
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