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Odd things since 7.0 upgrade


May 22, 2017
I have a Galaxy S6 with Vodafone and I did an OTA upgrade to 7.0 a couple of days ago. Since then a few odd things are happening - first of all, I get a beep whenever my Gear Fit connects or disconnects, despite the phone being on silent.

Secondly, whenever I connect my headset, it brings up player controls with "Over The Horizon" and underneath "Samsung Music" - presumably this is the preloaded music (which I've removed), and isn't the Google Play Music app lock screen widget (not the lock screen, and I've disabled that app).

I can't find anything in any menus and while neither thing is a huge problem, both are irritating - the bluetooth noise particularly, as I want my phone to be actually silent when I turn off all sounds.

Any ideas?


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