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Help Odyssey app "disappeared"

Did I miss something?

I have Odyssey watchface installed and love it. But when I go to the app drawer to customize the app, it isn't there. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and STILL no app in the app drawer. No doubt my feeble mind is forgetting something, so I appreciate your help finding this app!

TIA :)

Access via Android Wear app?
Been a while since I used Android Wear & Odyssey.
You got company my friend,CRS............................ ;)
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I turned it off in settings, by clicking the Gear icon in the Wear app, and selecting Weather for that subdial.

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All fixed. I uninstalled the app and rebooted both the phone and the watch. Reinstalled the app and set it all up again. BETTER! :D

EDIT: I have a Huawei Watch.
Awesome. But bazaar. :goofydroid: If you turn on developer options on the watch you can capture logs. Maybe the dev could have a peek and see what was going on.
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