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Offline Google Calendar Operation


Aug 9, 2010
I'm using the Google Calendar on my Galaxy S.

However, around my work offices there appears to be dead spots where I cannot get a signal for 'net access.

Is there a way to view my Google calendar (not the 'My Calendar' phone only one) when I have no signal?

What I'm looking for is the ability to see the last known details, or some kind of offline backup.

Or a way to copy/syn everything from my Google calendar into the phone's My Calendar to ensure I have a copy that I can see at all times?
On my Hero I have the Sync Calendar option checked in Settings --> Accounts --> my gmail account. That lets me access my Google calendars on the phone, even with no data connection.

When you go into the Calendar app, menu, more, Calendars, do you have your Google calendars checked?
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Not sure what to tell you. I just tested turning my mobile data connection off, going into the Calendar and pulling up details on a few events. I was able to see anything, so it wasn't going to the net to get data. Not sure what else you can try.... Hopefully someone else has some insight.
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