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Offline map with waypoints


Jun 13, 2012
Hi! I'm looking for a way to have an offline map of my city, in wich I would like to add some marks for places. I have the places that I want to add in my places of google maps. Google maps for android now has the ability to download a portion of the map, but there's no way to download a custom "my places" map. And it can't even add a star (as a favourite) to the marks of your map! It seems that you can only add as favourite the places that they choose.
Any help? Is there any other app to achieve this? I guess it shouldn't be that hard :/.
Any ideas?
Thankssss!!! :D
This App will do what you want.

1. Create a map in Google My Places.
2. Download the KML.
3. Import the KML into a "Trip File" in the app.
4. Choose map tiles that work best for the purpose of your map.
5. Click the download tiles button to download tiles surrounding your points of interest.

Now you can use the map offline. All of the information you entered into the map in Google Maps is available in the app. :)
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