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Okay, what's the t300?

1. No ISP+ feature, so viewing in bright sunlight will be more difficult.
2. No flash for your camera. So... can't take photos in the dark.
3. Battery life not as long as on the Transformer Prime.
4. Heavier and thicker then the Prime.
5. Plastic back panel, not metal. Comes in different color options.
6. Slower processor speed (I believe. Not sure about this one)

Other then that, it sounds like the TF300 is a very powerful, reasonalby priced device! I'm not being sarcastic... it sounds like a great tablet!

oh... one place that touted the TF300 said it comes with 16GB of internal memory, but Office Depot showed it with 32 GB of internal memory. Not sure which is correct.

FYI... I could return my Transformer Prime to Best Buy, but for $100, I'll gladly keep it. The advantages over the TF300 are worth the extra $$$ to me.
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Asus also said the Prime was an "enthusiast"device, so never intended for mass sales. Most major retailers do not stock it.

Points about the 300:

$100 less.
Faster ram.
Thinner and lighter than the Transformer 1.
Based on feedback at XDA, much better wifi than the Prime, so the plastic panel is a good thing.
Though not IPS+, still an IPS panel.
Will be much easier to purchase, since will actually be stocked.
Has the same chipset, but slightly underclocked.

IMO, the better wifi, lower price and faster ram is key. This tablet should sell well.

My only complaint is the colors and that is trivial.
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