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Help Onn Problems Battery & Wireless Update

A New Bee

Jul 11, 2021
Hi, I have 2 problems I need help with:
My onn 7inch tablet gets to about 75% battery and just turns off, goes black, no warning or anything and then once I attach the charger and power it on it reads 45% on the battery- Does anyone know what's causing the problem and a solution would be great.
Question 2
After my tablet has been sitting overnight when I pick it up it and before I unlock it It will show a black box in the upper left hand corner and it reads Wireless Update-It's up to date so I have no idea what it's in reference to, Hopefully someone can help me with both of those problems.
BTW-I've tried using ACCU battery but it says my tablets too old So it can't read it.. Also the battery or the tablet is not getting too hot.
I Would Really Appreciate Any and All Help.
Thank You
I have have very good results with ONN products.

Keep in mind that I generally do not like Wal-Mart, and actively try to avoid shopping there.

But, things being what they are, sometimes I have to.

And over time, I have had a feww products from ONN.
What I have from them has been well worth what was paid.

That geing said, your tablet is exhibiting classic signs of a bad battery.
Forget any app or program that 'analyses' the battery- even a bulged battery twice its normal size can test out just fine with these.

Is the battery easilly removed?
If so, take down the mosel number directly from the battery, enter it into the search bar of your browser, and enter.

See what comes up from Amazon, and ignore any and all info about whatever devices it is supposed to fit.

If the model numbers are exactly the same, then they are the same battery.

Hopefully a battery can be had for pretty cheap.

Keep in mind that most batteries are manufactured as long as the device is, so the battery you buy as new may have been in a warehouse since your device was new.

Batteries degrade over time, used or not.

Useful life in devices such as these is right around 2-3 years normally.

Hopefully all this info will help you to make an informed decicion as to replacing the device or the battery.

For now, try keeping the device plugged into the charger when you are using it.
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Another Question about my ONN Tablet-Instead of trying to replace the internal battery I saw somewhere where a person suggested getting an external battery and just hooking it up thru the usb-What do you think? Is that a good idea? If I could I would replace it myself but unfortunately I don't have the tools or skill set. So, The Question is Should I get The External Battery and tape it to the tablet?
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External batteries are designed to rapidly discharge their energy into the battery of a device, therefore the charge will not last.

All android devices run off of the battery, and the charger only charges the battery.

This means that even a device that is plugged in will no longer work once the battery is completely shot.

You can modify the system by connecting the charger directly to the battery contacts inside the device.

It is usually not real easy to do.

Your best options are to get the battery replaced or replace the entire device.
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