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Help Opinions on Galaxy S camera quality


Sep 20, 2010
I just completed a 3-week trip in France and used my new SGS (T-Mobile Vibrant) for data roaming, GPS and camera.

As I was taking shots, the images looked spectacular on the SGS screen.

When I got home and loaded on my PC, many of them were very poor quality. A very few of the shots OTOH were stunning.

I was careful to set the resolution to 5M (2560x1920), image quakity (Superfine), white balance (daylight) or scene mode (landscape). I also use a fixed object (such as a signpost) to brace for stability. I had "anti-Shake" enabled, which I wonder about.

Some of the problem was undoubtedly due to movement of the phone, especially when zoom was used. This form factor is much harder to steady than an SLR or even a small camera.

But overall, as I experienced it, I can't see it as an acceptable replacement for my Canon Powershot SD1000.

Just wondered about other people's experience with this camera and any tips for improving the results.

Also, it was very frustrating that the settings were reset when the app was ended. Is there any way to have them remain as changed (like the Powershot does)?

Who said it would replace such a dedicated camera? If you want decent pics at large sizes on computer screens or for printing - whoever said it was was lying!

I understand your position though, you wish your phone could do everything and do it all really well. At this stage though, if you want pictures that vaguely rival a half decent point and shoot, from a phone, you'll need to head for one of those dedicated camera-phones of which there are a couple around. And they do other things not at all or not well at all. Oh, you could also get an iphone, because they can do anything, as everyone knows. (That's irony, but I do think the iphone 4 does deliver more consistent results in happy snaps. I don't think it replaces a camera though if you want control and quality, either).

Anti shake won't do much, it's a fudged software solution compared to optical image stabilisation, and is typical of cheaper cameras. Your Canon may or may not have had ois, but again such a camera is a dedicated item so the components can be bigger, better, faster, etc, all in the aim of delivering image quality.

What I'm getting at is: the idea of replacing a dedicated camera just isn't on the books yet. Take a camera when it matters. Well, I guess you know that now.

I agree about the app resetting settings. Frustrating.

I suggest you go to the app store (or appbrain which is great) and download some camera apps and alternatives, and fiddle. Some would be camera360, fxcamera, vignette. They generally apply filters and the like, which may make the picture look better or more acceptable, but I think you can throw the idea of straightforward, accurate and good photography out the window for the moment.

In the meantime, you can still appreciate your travel memories - you just keep them scaled right down to where you don't notice the lack of quality. ;)
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Thanks for the various bits of advice.

The firmware is 2.1-update 1
Kernel 2.6.29
Build Eclair

I also suspect the anti-shake software s potentially a problem. I'll experiment with it off.

I full well understand there are physical advantages to larger devices, particularly for lens size and zoom. I didn't base my purchase of the SGS on it's replacing my compact camera, but was surprised at how bad some of the pictures were, while a few others were very good.

Just wanted to learn from others about their experience and suggestions.

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