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Orby TV anyone?

I've heard about Orby TV and decided to check them out. Frankly, they sound too good to be true!

Their $40/month package includes 150-something local channels--most of which I don't get with DirecTV. It also includes the specific, small handful of cable channels I routinely watch. It would be completely satisfactory for me.

I can't tell from their site if their DVRs are whole-house; that's a very important feature for me.

Even factoring in the cost of installation--which I deduce there is, since they install the dish, but you own it--and additional charges for DVRs/receivers, it still looks better, price-wise, than DirecTV. But I don't know! I haven't changed providers since 1993, and I'm a bit wary.

DirecTV may be overpriced, but its service is excellent, both in terms of the actual service/programming and its US-based customer support. I don't want to lose that caliber of service.

Does anyone have personal experience with Orby? Would you recommend it?
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Crappy signal when you get incliment weather....
Oh, I know all about inclement weather--I had the misfortune of living in Tornado Alley for years. :rolleyes:

But now I'm going to count how many times, since moving home to SoCal in 2006, 'rain fade' [losing the signal] has happened on DirecTV. Ready? Okay, here we go: 1...2... Yep, a whopping TWO times! And neither time caused a full outage, just a few moments of choppy play. The other 99.99% of the time? Rock-solid service with crystal-clear pictures. I'm happy--other than its price. :)
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