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Order AT&T now, Trade-in (when online order), SAmsung rebate?


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Apr 30, 2010
According to the info on the Samsung rebate page, it's good if you order up to the 16th. Trying to order from At&T tonight, and ran into some snags.

The online site did not say anything about a trade-in. Do you know...do I need to go to a store? I see no way on the online order site to do a trade-in. Chat is closed for the night.

Also, the AT&T online now does not say 'Preorder'. The Samsung trade-in rebate is to be for preorders only, by the 16th. So, given it doesn't actually say 'preorder' online now, I"m wondering if it will qualify,.

Any thoughts?
I ordered my Note 4 online. And I stopped by the ATT store last week while I was shopping and they said that all I have to do is bring in my Galaxy s4 which I will be trading in for the Samsung rebate. They told me they are definitely honoring the rebate.

*Update* Got my trade in done at ATT they gave me my reciept. Now I just mail in the reciept along with the other requirements here to Samsung and I should get back 90 bucks from them.https://samsunggalaxypromotions.com/note4/en-us/Rules
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