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Help OTA AT&T Update Problem Solved


Jul 12, 2012
Well after dealing with the "Communication Failed" message when trying to do an OTA update, I decided to take the phone back to the store. I have purchased 3 of these for my family. One for me, wife, and son.

My first one had this communication issue so I exchanged it for another and the replacement worked.

When I bought my wife's it worked as it should out of the box.

When I bought my sons, his did not work. I went to the store to get it replaced and when the rep gave me the replacement phone, it was still booting up from the factory defaults. When it came up, I noticed it was trying to register with the DM server. Since it automatically connected to the AT&T wifi in the store, I am pretty sure that the wifi was blocking the registration. When I turned off the wifi on the phone, the DM registration looks like it got interrupted. Trying to do the software update on the phone resulted in the "Communication Failed" message.

This got me thinking. It must be trying to register with AT&T's DM server on initial configuration. How can I re-register this with the DM server? I left the store and was driving home and thought, "I'll just reset it to the factory defaults." I did that, and when it finished, noticed that it was trying to register with the DM server. I let that complete and sure enough, the software update works as it should now.

Don't know if there is another way to re-register with the DM server without having to reset to factory defaults but just thought I would share with everyone.


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