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OTG cable and External SD Card reader problem

Hi there,

My issue is that I was expecting to be able to hook up my Samsung Galaxy S2 to my SD card reader and be able to browse the contents of the card. Specifically, the card will have images that I wanted to see on my phone.

Issue: nothing happens when I hook everything together. The phone doesn't see the card. However, my computer/laptop reads the external SD reader just fine.

The SD card is/was formated as FAT32 and contains images.

Here is the cable I purchased:

Here is the SD Card Reader I purchased:

Do I need an app for the phone to recognize the SD card? Or does the SD reader itself need to be powered?

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S2
Model: SPH-D710
Android Version: 4.0.4
Basband: S:D710.10.S.FF18
Kernal Version: 3.0.15-SPH-D710.FF18-CL663858
Build: IMM76I.FF18
Hardware: D710.10


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