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Otterbox Defender Series - First thoughts


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Jul 15, 2010
So when I went and got my Bionic, I decided to pick up the defender case for it. It comes with a built in screen protector as well.
Ive usually used commuter series in the past but it hadnt come into stock at this store yet. Its was $37.50 after my discount which isnt bad.

YES! ITS HUGE! But, unlike previous otterbox's ive had (commuter series) the post covers fit VERY nicley. I feel like my new $589.99 device is a tank, which is what i want :)

Here are some pics comparing it to my Droix X in a Seidio Active X case.
More pics later :)

AND yes, it does come with that huge belt clip!

Any questions and ill be happy to answer :)
What are your thoughts compared to the Seidio case? I used them for my OG droid and was generally very happy but my wife has an Impact Otterbox on her work iphone and that seems like a nice silicon case. Hoping they come out with that as it seems sufficient.

I loved my Seidio! It was prob my fav case i ever had for my DX. (ive had otterbox, ebay snap on plastic, silicon gel, Seidio Active X, and triden kracken).

THe otterbox defender series is KINDA pricey and HUGE! Not as big as the trident kracken, but it is a huge case. But it doesnt bother me too much cause it is a $600 phone, i dont mind the AMAZING protection and added bulk. But thats me, others go naked (without a case and NEVER have a problem), its just my prefence to be protected :) Ya never know :)

BTW, i dont carry insurance....so this case is kinda my ins! lol
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I currently have an X with the Seido Rugged Case. Got rid of my Otterbox Defender because it fit horrible and the belt clip was small. Does the beltclip on this case fit wide belts? My workbelt is wide and the Seido was the only clip that could fit. My Bionic is being delivered today...thanks for any help.
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