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Out of Memory!!

I am getting low on memory! I installed SD Move to move my applications to the SD Card, but this program is only able to move a handful of applications.

Are there any programs out there that will force move all applications that I select to the SD Card?
Developers have to enable apps2sd before you can move it under Froyo. You can force it as above, but be careful not to break anything.
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Use ADB or a terminal emulator to issue the command pm setInstallLocation 2

That will allow you to move any app, and make new apps install on the SD card. Remember to keep widgets on the phone though.

This sounds great, but I have no idea how to do this? I just got this phone and came over from a blackberry.

Are there instructions posted somewhere?
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My nexus has a serious problem with this, the dialer storage ( evidently text messages) and browser apps will accumulate up to 40mb of data that has to be cleared regularly. Unfortunately you lose all the saved texts

thats why you can back up your text on various apps

have you cleared your phone storage before? all that happened is you lost texts?
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i thought you had to be rooted to use that? am i wrong? im getting low on memory also. i hope flash'es and google maps final builds includes apps to sd. the files are so large
Yep you're wrong ;)

No need for root, stock allows it just fine.

And yes, that video looks like the instructions to follow (didn't watch more than 10 secs worth lol)
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