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Outlook sync: Relevant Solutions Only


Sep 1, 2011
Please: Straightforward solutions only.

First off, my apologies if I sound irritated. Nothing against you. I am a Windows Mobile 6.1 user for the last 4 years and other than a hangup that causes me to reboot my phone every few days, my ATT Tilt has been the best thing that ever happened to me. I am still on the same battery and it lasts all day, even running GPS, google maps, phone calls, updating appointments, 5 email accounts every 4 hours, etc
Sync Android/Droid with Outlook/Exchange lists the various third-party options for local synching with outlook.

HTC and Samsung provide tools (HTC Sync and Kies respectively) to allow the same with their devices.

The HTC mail client supports multiple Exchange/IMAP accounts, not sure about the others. Regardless, third party clients are available.

Tethering will vary depending on the carrier. Some don't allow it, others charge extra for the "privilege" of doing it.
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For the phone you are looking for: HTC Desire Z
And HERE's a nice review

- Physical QWERTY Keyboard -CHECK
- Camera/Video -CHECK with 5mp, LED flash and 720p video recording
- Standalone GPS Receiver capability (independent of tower signal) - CHECK again. You just have to disable tower signal in the settings
- Touchscreen -CHECK
- View/Edit word Documents - CHECK Can view 2007 docs and create 2003 format docs. If you want to edit or create 2007 docs, there are several apps available on the market like ThinkFree and DocumentsToGo
- Call Blocking - several apps available in the market. Every single android device can do this.
- Google Maps - CHECK
- Youtube - CHECK
- Tethering - CHECK - although apparently this has something to do with your operator as well. Apart from that limitation, it can tether as much as you like.
- Ability to install TOMTOM or similar - Several navigation apps available for Android. Just choose which you like best
- Sync Music and Video by playlist with PC - Windows Media Player sees android as a music device, so you can sync playlists
- Ability to change all settings, like how often email updates. -CHECK. Again, every single Android can do this
- Sync with 5 or more email accounts - Not really tried five. I have 3 accounts and they're working fine. AFAIK it should support up to 10.

On the other hand, I know also of another non-Droid phone that does exactly what you need, including full USB syncing with Outlook, only thing is, its a Nokia (Symbian), so its a bit of a downgrade in SW compared to getting a Desire Z.
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TheDosBox - Excellent link! - I am drawn to MyLink Advanced, it's only $15 - but it seems to be brand new and possibly still in development :( After some research, it looks like a stable release for android isn't coming out until Dec.

ChanChan05 - WOW - what an awesome phone! As far as combined hardware features, it fit's the bill nicely!

CompanionLink - I am not particular on a carrier, I am currently on GSM and it has always worked well for me. whatever phone I get will def be unlocked. Also, I checked out your website - looks like some improvements have been made. Nice Work, however, $50 for one phone program is pretty steep for a newbie to android. If your product is worth this much, I would imagine it must be very stable and work flawlessly. In this case, you guys should try marketing to phone carriers and or google. If this was included and it worked, I among millions of others would buy an android phone today. Those of us with old Windows Mobile 6-6.5 are left in the dust in the wake of cloud based data gathering schemes, I mean changes. A standard local usb sync option will surely scoop us all up.

Thank you, the three of you, so much for the feedback. I knew there were some awesome technical minds here.

I guess I should have mentioned I prefer an inexpensive solution to local USB sync. I could go about $15 if I have to, but after paying hundreds to begin with, it's not my style to walk over to the "chrome shop" and drop a ton more just to get it the way I want it. I would simply buy used - already set up - for less $ - if that is my only option. I have about another day or so of energy left in me on this search before I just buy an old tilt 2 for $100 and call it a day - at least for a few more years, until carriers make phones with options, instead of "one way works for everyone" menatlity. I love the Desire Z, but still have this CHEAP, Local Sync barrier to cross.
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