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Help P30 pro data signal issues on 4G with bars, but ok for H+


Dec 16, 2021
Hi All
Recently joined the forum, though used to be a member a few years ago, so re-joined!

I have a signal issue that has developed with my phone, a Huawei P30 pro it’s about 15 months old on Vodaphone network.

Inside my workplace (steel framed building) over the last month, increasingly difficult to make calls and send data stuff (emails, whats app, even texts etc) when inside on 4G (about 3 bars), it just hangs, I go outside into the car park and stuff goes through instantly.

I experimented and dropped the data selection down to 3G / auto, in settings and the phone switches to H+, then stuff all goes through, whilst I am inside the building ok.

Why is this, it is because my phone looks for the high bandwidth signal, but it might not be the strongest? I am wondering if a trip to the Vodafone shop is imminent due to a faulty phone, as surely my phone should detect what is the best signal?

It didn't used to do this a few months ago & I don’t want to keep manually having to swap the signal over, when at work.

Any ideas?
I think the culpret is the metal buildng interfering with the 4G signals. Yes, your phone will try to communicate on the highest bandwidth signal if it can connect (4G). You are bypassing this, and getting connected, by switching to 3G. I don't think there is anything Vodafone can do.

You could try an app like Tasker to automatically switch to 3G when you enter the building and back to normal when you leave.
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Many thanks for your replies.

I learnt yesterday that booster antennas are being placed within in the building,as other people also having issues on company stuff, though that is for O2, whereas I'm on vodaphone, so not sure I'll benefit.

It's quite apparent there's certainly a signal issue within the building & it's not just me!
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