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Help pandora and tunewiki wont get along


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Dec 1, 2009
sailing down below
Not sure if anyone else has or will run into this with the issues with pandora I'm sure most have abandoned it till we get an update but here we go...

I was using tunewiki to play mp3s from my card while sitting at home, there is no stop button only pause, and no exit button so I hit pause and backed out, went for a run and decided to give pandora one more try, and I'll be damned if it wasn't working perfect, no skipping songs played all the way to the end however when the track on pandora ended and the nect began the tunewiki decided to restart and play the nect track as well so I had 2 songs going at the same time, well as its freakin dark and I'm running I managed to pull out the phone, hit pause on tunewiki, and keep going with just pandora, songs ends cycle repeats, any ideas?


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