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Parental control app that automatically locks child's phone in certain locations


Jun 28, 2023
Greetings to all Android enthusiasts.

Can you please advise on the following*
*or point me in the right direction if the question has already been answered - I've searched but couldn't find a ready answer*.

I'd like to be able to prevent my son from using his mobile phone at home and on school campus. This is to:
- Help him comply with the school's policy on mobile phone use
- Encourage him, while at home, to use devices with larger screens, such as a tablet.

I can of course remote-lock his phone manually or put in time-based locks. But it would be way better if the phone locked itself automatically in defined locations. Similar to the geofence feature but more active I suppose: as soon as he enteres the defined perimeter, the phone locks until he leaves the perimeter with his phone again.

Are there any apps that have this feature?

Many thanks for your advice.

A cell phone is an emergency tool. It's one thing if you don't want him playing video-games, but for the sake of his safety, he must be able to call you and emergency services at any time! Use no parental control system which interferes with that. After setting up the parental control system: Test it, so you know he can still call you.
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