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Paying in Play Store, help?!?!


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May 2, 2012
Ok so it says you can pay with gift cards as long as they are visa or whatever. Ok, i have a visa debit gift card im trying to use. When i try to use it it ask some questions i dont know how to answer. It ask for card holder name...its not a card so i dont know what to put. I tried putting my name. It says to use same billing address as card. Well its a gift card so how do i do that. Can anyone tell me how to use a visa debit gift card on the google play store? Im trying to buy poweramp if it matters and i know theres enough money on the card.
Hey All!

I've had my TF101 for a while, and originally set up a GMail concern, I'm sure my Credit scores scores Card important details was element of that.

Have been buying programs all along, just Take and Buy, but now the Execute Shop wants my credit card details for Google Wallet? Is this legitimate?? Something new?

Thanks for any help - just a tad nervous when it comes to credit cards, and the web...
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Ok, so no one has used a visa gift card to buy apps? No one? I got the trial version of power amp and LOVE IT, so i want to buy it. I dont have a credit card right now, but i do have some visa gift cards. It says you are supposed to be able to use gift cards but i cant figure it out. I received them as gifts, hence the name, so when it asked for name and address i dont know what to put. I tried putting my name and address but evidently that doesnt work. What am i doing wrong? Any other way to buy apps without a real credit cards? I know someone out there has bought apps with a visa gift card.

Edit: Ok, so i tried another gift card and it worked. Oh well....
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I have a VISA gift card set up as my primary payment on Google (in case the phone gets stolen or the kids "accidentally" hit the purchase button) ... a lot of the cards have a way to go online and "register" the card with your name and address so it will work as a standard credit card. Exception, the card I have doesn't necessarily allow international purchases ... there are a lot of companies selling programs on Market that are international. I guess the best way is to research reloadable gift cards and buy one that can be registered and used internationally, and reload is as it's depleted.
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