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Paypal missing from Market?

I rooted (again) today and installed The GingerEvoSense rom, backed up all my apps with app monster pro (that saves the links) and after boot, tried to install them all. Half of the apps I have do not show in "My Apps" in the market, but I figure eventually they will. But for some reason, my paypal app didnt back up. I tried looking for it in the market, and I cant find it. I got to the paypal site, and clicking on their link and the market comes up saying it cant find it. And Im not alone. XDA peeps have the same issue here. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how do I fix it?
Shows up in my market. Have you tried finding it on the Amazon Appstore?
Yep, not there. I went online to the market and it said I should already have it (but couldnt send it) or they said they sent it but it never arrived. Uninstaller Root Pro is the same way.

These glitches are why I went back to stock rom the first time...
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