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Perfect Tempered glass screen protector?


Apr 8, 2014
This is possibly my 4th or 5th post on tempered glass screen protectors. My experience with the galaxy S7 edge was very poor and turned me off to tempered glass screen protectors. Given the fact that I travel a lot I decided to try out the Zagg sapphire hybrid glass screen protector. I actually felt that it gave me a very good fit and was willing to live with it till El Presidente sent me a YouTube video that clearly showed that the "hybrid glass" was really plastic with minute amounts of aluminum oxide. While frustrated I left the screen protector on, but very shortly I could see minute scratches and the appearance of bubbles on one of the sides. I returned it with 4 days to spare.
When I removed the protector it was very clear that "hybrid glass" was really hybrid plastic. I resigned myself to not finding the right screen protector.

I had been reading reviews on the Whitestone Dome glass protector which uses real tempered hardened glass, but has a relatively complicated install process. It also applies adhesive across the entire surface of the screen protector.

I bit the bullet, purchased this tempered glass screen protector and installed it. The installation process while seemingly complicated was actually fairly straightforward.

Bottom line: – the Whitestone Dome glass protector is absolutely awesome. Screen sensitivity is like nothing is covering the screen. The surface is truly glass and smooth as silk and it's oleophobic coating is superb. Have had no problems with my Spigen Neo-hybrid case.

While it's early yet, I am absolutely thrilled with this tempered glass screen protector. Couldn't recommend it highly enough.
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