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Permission WhatsApp asked for


Oct 26, 2014
I am new to Android. I just got an Android phone and was told that I should install WhatsApp. I downloaded WhatsApp and start the installation.I have 2 questions about the installation
1. I have 2 installation options (internal and external). I believe internal means use internal memory and external means uses SD card inserted. Please correct me if I am wrong.
2. It asked for a lot of permissions. Some that I have concerns are permission to send or receive chargeable messages, permission to use data plan, permission to read write to my files... There seems to be no option to remove any of the permission asked. I want to be sure before I continue so I cancelled out of the installation. Can some one who has WhatsApp already running help me on this ? Are any of these permission removable (or configuration ) after the installation ? Shoud I be concern about giving these permissions to WhatsApp ?
They're fairly routine permissions for a messaging app. It will send an sms as part of the set up process to verify your phone number. The data plan is used (when WiFi is not available) to send whatsapp messages. That's the whole point of the app. It will access your files if you choose to send photos or other files. It also has to access files to save any photos you receive.

Apart from using your data plan (to receive messages) it will not do any of the above without your iniating it. You may be able to remove permissions but you would need to root your phone first. But then the app wouldn't function properly.

I hope that helps.
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