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Phone acting weird...

Have been using my S3 now since 2012..no problems until last summer when my Sandisc SD Card collapsed while on holiday in Orlando..Received a replacement from Sandisc and all working again. A few days ago I factory reset the device as it was slow and clitchy. No problems with that..Phone was flying again.
I started to put several apps on the SD card to free up the internal storage on device..there was about 10 apps. Last nite I sent a few texts and usually they send straight after hitting the Send button..but last nite they took over a minute/2 to send. My network signal was 3 bars and I could use the phone to call-so the network was fine.Plus the phone was acting strange..it was on but nothing visible. Had to take the battery out/in to get the phone to start again.
I don,t know why I thought of the SD Card..but I moved a few apps from the card to device..and then texts started to send immediately.
It,s a Extreme Plus 32Gb card...
I,ll do a few more tests...Has anyone else had a problem with either their phone/SD Card (Sandisc)

Your Micro SD card is on it's way out. Back up all data on it now, preferably before reading any more. I kid you not.

I have had two micro SD cards, one Sandisk and one "Nokia" one go belly up on me. They start acting up exactly as you describe and just get worse. I have said this before, but it bears repeating. I (thought) I lost some very,very precious photos and videos of my late mum for good when the Nokia one failed (I had an Nokia N8 at the time, my last ever Symbian phone) only to find them backed up over a year after my mother passed away on an obscure USB drive.

Only keep media on a micro SD, and media you have backed up elsewhere on a PC and a cloud based solution (I have an external hard disk as well, but hey - I learnt the hard way) don't put apps on them. Apps read and write to them all the time when on them and treat them almost like RAM. I know it is tempting, and I know the phone storage can get full with apps, but SD cards can and do fail. Use them for Music, video and photos. Back up everything regularly yourself and try and be disciplined. I back up my phone's media twice a month to an external hard drive, and stick any music not already there to a cloud service (for instance any new photos and videos and are synced to the cloud over my Wi-Fi as soon as I get home, automatically music I do manually and most of it is redownloadable from where it was purchased from), you can't do enough backing up really.
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