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Phone bootloop

Hello all,
my phone goes into a bootloop if not plugged into a charger.

If I disconnect it,it shuts down and goes into a bootloop with turning on and off repeteadly,until draining the battery.

But sometimes it works fine while disconnected ,but if I don't do anything on it.

If I start doing something on it,it immediately goes into a bootloop.

The phone is year and a half old.

The model is A1 Alpha 20.

Please help me,and tell me everything I can do to fix it if possible.

Thanks to all in advance.
I'm afraid that this is almost certainly a hardware fault. What it sounds like is that the battery isn't delivering enough voltage to keep the phone operating stably, so when you unplug it it crashes - or if it doesn't crash immediately it does the moment you place any demand on it.

If you are lucky the problem is the battery. If you are unlucky it will be something failing on the motherboard. But I think it's not something you can fix yourself, you'll need to get someone to look at it.
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