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Phone call sent to Bluetooth speaker


Android Question


If I'm connected to a Bluetooth speaker and I receive an incoming phone call, the Bluetooth speaker and microphone are always used by default. This happens if I answer the call on my phone or the Bluetooth speaker itself. On iOS, if I answer the call on my phone, the phone is used whereas if I answer the call on the Bluetooth speaker, the speaker is used.

Does anyone know if there is a way to make Android behave the same as iOS?

Devices tested:
Samsung Galaxy S4
Sony Xperia Z
Google Nexus 5
iPhone 5s
Jawbone Jambox
Logitech Mini Boombox

Many thanks
Thanks, I had found that option but that would disable the bluetooth speaker for calls. I still want to have the speaker enabled in case I receive a call while I'm near to the speaker. The problem arises if I've gone into another room. Say I've been listening to the speaker in the living room then I go into the kitchen briefly. I want to stay connected to the speaker because I will return to keep listening to music. But while I'm in the kitchen I get a phone call and I answer on the phone. The call audio is now sent to a different room by default so I don't hear anything. I can always change the audio source on the phone once the call has started but it's not immediately obvious. It just seems like a little feature that's been overlooked. I don't think there's a fix at the moment but thanks anyway for your help :)
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