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Phone Contacts Transfer


Oct 26, 2010
Carphone warehouse kindly transferred my phone numbers from my old sim card to my new Desire phone. i have now noticed that they all say that they are mobile numbers yet this is not the case. What if anything can I do to remedy the situation? Can I remove the 'M' tag from them?
I have imported the contacts from the SIM and got the same result as you: All contacts are mobile contacts.

I think I have to change each contact individually by hand
(the button in front of the telephone number).

EDIT: Maybe 'MyPhoneExplorer' can do it :)
It's an app for to sync the phone contacts with the pc.
Maybe I can edit the mumbers on my pc.

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I used to keep all my contacts on my sim card but I belive that carphone warehouse transferred the from my old vodafone sim to the Desire's phone rather than the new sim. Is it better to have these on the phone or on the sim?

If you keep them on the SIM you can only have one number assigned to one person and haardly any more information. If you put the m on the phone you have lots of numbvers you can add, addresses, IM numbers, etc., etc.
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