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Phone has unexplained crashes

I have had my phone for a year and a half now with no issues. I bought it brand new and have kept care of it since. Then yesterday sometime between leaving an event and driving home my phone started lagging. I had been using it all day with no noticeable problems. When I got home I tried to open YouTube and it crashed so I closed and opened it. I did this two more times before attempting to restart my phone. I held the power key down and felt the phone vibrate, but I wasn't prompted either the power off or the restart buttons. Then the screen went off after lagging a bit. When trying to remedy this the phone wouldn't turn on for a minute, the phone vibrated everytime I tried using the fingerprint scanner, as if it recognized it and unlocked, but the screen didn't come on for a while. Then when it did turn on it required me to put in my pin and read "pin required after restarting your device". So I did then this whole process repeated 2 more times, and when it didn't turn itself off most apps crashed and Google wouldn't work either through wifi or data. I plugged my phone in to charge and it worked. I went to sleep with no answers. Next day (today) I woke up to a charged phone that has buzzard problems. My alarm went off with no sound and the clock app crashed. I played music and it came through the phone speakers at full volume and it wouldn't turn down. This happened also when I put earphones in with the phones boxed-in dongle, and when I tried a Bluetooth speaker that I use often. The phone kept playing music full volume through the phone speakers. As I'm rushing to get ready for work I tried a couple more things. Again Google won't work - the pages never loaded, yet Firefox works which is how I am here now. I haven't tried Chrome though, and the Google I tried was just the google widget/app thing I'm guessing. I successfully downloaded an internet security app and avast antivirus software with no problems, and they didn't turn up anything. The one thing that I haven't been able to find out is an unknown notification icon in the status bar. It is a rectangle vertical, with a angled cut in the top right corner making it look like a paper with a fold in it (or even sort of like the SIM icon), but it has an exclamation point in it. And I didn't notice it until I had the crashes started yesterday. I tried a search of what it meant since I have no notification prompt of if and didn't find anything yet. I wish I had more time to research answers but I am at work. As I'm writing this now the phone has not lagged, crashed, etc., but I'm still finding weird problems as I go like no being able to swipe through photos in my gallery? And now Gmail app doesn't work. I'm going to go to a mobile place and ask about it later today, and I hope I have given enough info about my problem here too, but I haven't seen anything like this before on any android I've had


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