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Phone Recommendation


Dec 15, 2022

I want the cheapest phone I can get that I can install an app from Google Play on.

I already have an iPhone, but Apple has banned all apps related to vaping. I want an Android phone so I can install a vaping app on it.

This phone would be exlusively used to run one vaping app.

Can this be done without carrier activation? My carrier is Xfinity mobile so I guess I could activate it and just turn cellular data off.

I assume eBay is where I could find the cheapest unit - any suggestions on what model(s) I should look for?

As far as running without carrier activation, yes, that is quite simple. Is the app in play? It would be easier to recommend a phone if we knew the specs the app requires, basically, the minimum version of Android. Once that is established, you will probably have a wide variety of devices to choose from for relatively cheap. For this singular application, I'd probably go with something used, but go through something like Swappa so you know it isn't locked or stolen.
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Just buy an android tablet with no carrier, just Wi-Fi.

Too big. I would want the smallest device available to save space on my end table.

Why not just vape in the real world?

I like to use three different temperatures per filling. It is possible on the device, but clunky and can only set in 20 degree increments as opposed to 10 degrees via the app. It is also possible on the PC, but that requires extricating myself from my recliner.

As far as pricing, I see Android phones have sold on eBay for $10 - $20.
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I approved the post with the link. For those that already commented, the app is used to interact with a specific vape device. (side note, that's all I know, I'm not a vaper)

@Herbaldew, I can't find anything about the required android version in play or the dev's website. I did see that the device uses BLE, which is a low power blutooth tech, so make sure you get a device that supports that. This is a pretty decent list of inexpensive devices to start your search. I'd think most things Android 11 or above would be fine, as that would be released in the past two years.

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The 'About this App' section in that link you posted shows the description and the prerequisites for the app. In this case, it states it supports down to Android 5 (Lollipop) so you have a lot of leeway as far as buying even a preowned phone. You'll be fine just using WiFi connectivity, cellular is only required if you'll be using the phone when you don't have a WiFi network available.
Just from a future-proofing aspect I'd suggest buying something cheap and new as opposed to used. You do need to be judicious when buying a used phone because you won't know it's history. Could be faulty, or the battery could just be past it's life usage so be wary using sites like Ebay and Craigslist. Swappa is a reliable used phone service, they verify the phones they sell. (side note - if the phone is stolen and blacklisted by the carriers, that's just a matter of making it hard to get cellular service, using WiFi only isn't affected and will still be fully workable.) Take into account that battery aspect though, a new phone will have a new battery, a used phone won't. There are several models with user-replaceable batteries but note that when you're buying a third-party battery it will be approximately as old as the phone model, sitting idle in some storage bin (even old batteries age, all of them do).
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