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Help Phone sluggish!!

Hi all, I am not tech-savvy whatsoever with phones so I am asking for some help :p I have the original Moto Droid and it is ridiculously sluggish. The home screen takes 10 seconds just to load the icons after the screen comes back on from being idle or switching from an app to the home screen. It has been locking up on me when I go to slide it to unlock the screen. Photos are delayed (not in taking them, but viewing them. It takes a good minute before the screen shows the picture when I click on a picture in my album).

I do not have many apps at all. I have no idea what's going on, not to mention my poor battery is shot, so it seems. :eek: I find I am charging it constantly, even when all I did was make a few phone calls, no internet browsing!

Any ideas would be most appreciated.
Hello Jane.

Our Android devices need a bit of maintenance on a regular basis to keep them running as fast as they are capable of.

Also, sometimes we'll have too much running in the background as far as syncing apps and background updating apps and widgets (such as Facebook, Weather and News, Gmail, etc).

Some users start by using a cache clearing app from Market, such as Cache Cleaner, etc. Others do it manually by going into menu > settings > applications > manage applications > menu > sort by "all," and hitting each app's "clear cache" button one at a time.

Configuration is a big deal, too. Animations, live wallpapers, etc all drag on resources.. some users keep that stuff on and have no issues, but those things in combination with auto syncing and widget background updating can make the phone slower.

It's also possible that you've got an app or two which is not playing well with others.. think back to the last time your device was running fine, and what you may have installed or what other changes you may have made; there may have been a particular widget or app which is the culprit.
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