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Phone Storage/Cache


Apr 13, 2014
Hey all, so I realized I was down to like 600mb of storage on my phone (I don't use a SD card but I plan to do so soon) and I wanted to see which apps were taking up all the space, but I saw that it didn't offer an app by app view, but a general broad view, which somewhat disappointed me, coming from iOS. However, I saw that the system cache was taking up a little over 2GB of storage, which surprised me. So my questions to you are, a) is there a way to view every app's memory? b) should my cache be this full? and c) is it bad to clear the cache?

EDIT: Just saw the data for each app, weird that it didn't show up before. My question regarding the cache is still up for grabs though.
Google has disabled the use of the SD card for a large part. Programs I like and much of what I want to transfer can no longer be done since the last patch.
I am returning my phone for the Windows one which gives you the option.
I love the galaxy but Google really messed up with this SD card issue, Imho.
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