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phone won't notify of texts


Dec 15, 2018
No settings allow me to get loud or prominent notice of texts. Used to have a Motorola on Android 8, had no problem setting it to notify me. Now on a Sony Xperia, Android 10. All notify options are on, sound is up, and set to vibrate, selected sound is loud enough. But depending on circumstance it's easy to miss. If I have the text program open (have tried both the built in and the verizon app) but I'm not looking at it I won't know of a new text. Only a tiny icon on the top bar. No pop up msg, no sound or vibrate. The only thing I could finally get to work is set it to auto read them to me when they come in. Then if its asleep it will read the new text loudly. Half solves the problem but no way to stop it once it gets going. So if I'm in a meeting or it's a private text it keeps going even if I hit volume, log in, open the text so it's treated as no longer new, nothing. Just keeps reading till done. But even with that I have to remember to press home btn after I read or send because if the text app is open it still only gives that tiny icon at top. Is this a sony problem or Android 10? Suggestions?
Sony xperia compact, on verizon (only via LTE no CDMA), Android 10, all as up to date as possible.
My past and present Samsung phones, while having the stock text app open, produced no audible notifications. They only triggered the audible notification when the text app was closed. Perhaps it is the same by design with your Xperia. Prior to addressing my hearing deficit, I grabbed an app from the Play Store that boasted of having extra loud notifications to choose from. They worked really well to assist me with my lack of stellar hearing. I don't remember the name of the app but I'm guessing it is still to be taken and others to choose from as well. Maybe this will help you to hear your notifications. I know nothing about your phone but it sounds like you have already done what can be done. Perhaps another has some phone setting adjustments to suggest. Good luck.
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Thanks for the response. I'm fortunate to have no hearing problems. I've experimented with having a friend text me under different conditions (text open, closed, phone awake or asleep) and other than when I have it read out it's almost impossible to be aware of a new text. Never had that on the old phone. I'd even settle for the read-it-out as a solution if I could figure out a way to shut it up with a btn press or a gesture or something.
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I address my emails when I get around to them but I like to respond quickly to my texts. I well understand your frustration. Samsungs have a slider to adjust notification sound level under settings >sounds and vibrations >volume. I suspect you've checked for something similar.
Perhaps the phone's volume level is something you might experiment with as well.
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